2023/2024 Winter Program 
Snow removal services will be provided again this season by Rob Williams (530) 523-3216 (mobile).
The season begins November 1, 2023 and runs through April 15, 2024.  To request reservations click Here
Snow Removal Scheduling
Provider will remove snow from properties with reservations once a day after 6” of snow has accumulated.
Reservations must be made by 5 PM the day before the service is desired and 48 hours during high volume holidays such as Christmas; New Years; MLK; Spring Break; Presidents Week, etc. The provider will service those addresses that appear on the daily reservation list. If your plans should change, please make every effort to cancel your reservation by emailing Every effort will be made to have driveways cleared by 8AM. However, the Provider will use his judgement based upon the snow forecast to determine the best time for once per day service.
If Chamberlands is your primary residence and you would like to be placed on the CBMC Primary Residence List please contact the committee at:
Please check your spam or junk folder in your email to insure you receive emails from
Making a Reservation
CBMC members must use the new reservation system which is accessed on our website at snowplow reservations. We are not using Amelia this year and there is a simple form accessed through the website. You will select your address, dates of service, and request an email confirmation. On the front page of the website there will be a link to the reservation page. You must be logged in so that your email will be linked to your reservation.
Snow Removal Scope of Work
* Provider will remove snow from properties on the daily reservation list once a day after 6 inches of accumulated snow.
* Provider will return1 time per day after the county plow has come through to remove the berm.
* Provider will clear enough snow in member driveway to allow parking for two full size vehicles to park as close as possible to the primary winter entrance which is the Standard Service Level.
* If vehicles are parked in the driveway, provider will remove snow up to 36 inches from parked vehicles. 
* The process of snow removal is an imperfect one due to time, length and depth of snowfall. Provider will not use sand or ice melt to increase traction.
* Provider is not responsible for chain or tractor marks or grooves from snow removal equipment or driveway damage due to poor condition of driveway.
* Provider is not responsible for damage to light fixtures caused by blowing snow or ice in the normal course of snow removal.
* All hazards in the staked area need to be removed. This includes decorative landscaping, firewood, garbage can lids, sleds, shovels, rocks, light fixtures, etc.   Members are liable for damage to snow removal equipment due to hidden obstacles.
* Members who incur damage from snow removal services may file a claim with the providers insurance company. Take photos and make notification directly to Rob Williams as soon as the damage is noted.
Staking Your Property
* Members are responsible for staking their own property by November 1, 2023.  Stakes should be at least 6 to 8 feet in height and the top foot should be painted a bright color.  Stakes should be placed on the driveway side of any rocks or impediments to the snowplow.
* The provider will inspect staking before the season and notify any members of inadequate placement.
* Members may negotiate directly with the provider for snow staking services.
* The street address should be clearly visible when there is 5 feet or more of snow. If the address can’t be seen the provider may have difficulty providing service.  This is also significant for any emergency services.
* Provider is not responsible for damage to unmarked objects such as trash cans that are not properly staked. Provider is not responsible for clearing access to trash enclosures.
* Check power and cable lines to ensure they are secure and properly attached to fixed structure.
* Trees located in parking area should be trimmed up at least 15 feet from ground.
Other Notes
Our contract provides for one plow per day. If that service is performed in the morning and you or your renters or guests do not arrive until evening, and it has snowed all day, please be aware that some shoveling may be required. It is prudent to have a snow shovel handy for such times.
Members may negotiate with provider directly for additional snow removal service beyond the Standard Service Level.
We look forward to the upcoming winter and wish all CBMC Members a safe and enjoyable season and please contact the winter committee with any questions on this process.