About CBMC
Chamberlands Beach and Mountain Club was established in 1959 as a California nonprofit corporation. CBMC is a non-profit organization however is not tax-exempt with the IRS or State of California.
The beach property and developer of Chamberlands Subdivision was Ernest Kettenhofen. In 1954, David Chambers sold the Chambers Lodge and undeveloped land west of 89 to Ernest Kettenhofen and partners.  Ernest quickly bought out his partners. The primary reason for formation of CBMC was to establish perpetual legal access rights to the private beach at Chambers Landing for properties in the Chamberlands Subdivision. 
Kettenhofen sold the beach property and all unsold Chamberlands Subdivision lots to Perini Development between 1969 and 1974/1975.  Perini did not receive approval until 1983 to build the condominiums after a lawsuit with the State of California was settled.   As part of the settlement a potion of the beach was granted to the public. The State did not allow Perini to negate CBMC perpetual rights to the beach.  CBMC continued to manage and operate all of the beach activities until Perini turned over management of the property to the CLHOA in 1992 and CLHOA hired Hansen Management as the HOA Association Manager.  In 1994, a Joint Operating Agreement for the Chambers Landing Private Beach was signed between CLHOA and CBMC with both entities paying pro-rata share of beach operating costs.
The perpetual CC&R for these properties stipulated that Beach Rights are granted as long as Membership is Maintained in CBMC. The Right is to the Member, not the Property. CBMC is not a Home Owners Association (HOA).  CBMC does not own any "Common Legal Property".
Chamberlands Property owners may choose to join CBMC any time after acquisition of a property.  Annual dues must be paid to retain membership.