Welcome to Summer 2022 at Chambers
Life guards will be on duty daily beginning Saturday June 18 through Monday September 5 from 10:30am to 6:00pm.  
Shuttle Bus will run Saturday & Sunday,  July 2 thru September 4 from 11am to 4:45pm.
Please contact Tart Connect for weekday transportation to the beach.
Membership card required for access to private beach - No Exceptions.
The use of the public beach does not require a membership card.
July 2 and July 3 Only - Vehicle access to beach road only with Membership Card.
8am to 6pm a guard will be positioned at the beach road highway gate to monitor vehicular entrance. CBMC members presenting membership cards will be allowed to enter the beach road, load and unload passengers and park as long as spaces are available. The public will be allowed pedestrian access but not vehicular.
2022 Beach Rules
MEMBERSHIP cards are MANDATORY to gain access to the private beach. Wristbands must be worn while on the beach. Members or Renters without a Membership Card may use the Public Beach.
MEMBERS are permitted to bring guests not staying in their home. RENTERS do NOT have this privilege.
If areas are abandoned any personal property left behind will be removed and may be stored.
UMBRELLAS must be secured so they will not blow across the beach.
NO CANOPIES or child enclosures exceeding a 3’x 6’ footprint may be used. Any such small enclosure may be used anywhere on the Baby Beach or ONLY on the outside perimeters of the Main Beach.  No other shade covers, enclosures etc. may be used that block the view of others behind you.
The Forest Service does not have this restriction on the public beach.
SWIM only within areas designated with float lines. No hanging on float lines.
Baby Beach children must be immediately supervised by an adult physically on the baby beach not at the bar or other beach.
NO BOAT launching, kayak, windsurfing or jet skis are permitted in the swim areas. No jet skis may be moored on the piers or poles at the baby beach.
Paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes may be launched from and brought ashore near the Public Beach, not within the defined swim areas.
Paddleboards, kayaks etc. not in use must remain along rope between private and public beach not stored with you on the main beach.
FIRES and BBQs are strictly prohibited.
NOISE CURFEW – 10pm with these exceptions: 11pm curfew for CBMC Scheduled Movie Nights: 11pm during the Perseid Meteor Showers the nights of August 11 - 13 this year. All users of the beach must ALWAYS be courteous of CLHOA residences. 
CHILDREN under the age of 11 must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible party. For these purposes, responsible party is defined as a person who is at least 16 years old and chosen by the parent of the child.
STATE LAW prohibits alcoholic beverages purchased at the bar/grill from being taken onto the beach. Members may bring their own alcohol onto the Private Beach with responsible use.
NO SMOKING on private beach. US Forest Service does not allow smoking on the public beach. 
NO GLASS allowed on the beach. This is for the safety of all. Broken glass in the sand is dangerous.
NO BIKES, motorized vehicles, skateboards or rollerblades allowed past the check-in stand at the beach entrance.
NO DOGS allowed on private beach. The Forest Service does allow dogs on the Public Beach.
NO AMPLIFIED music, voice, or other sound.
PERSONAL ITEMS may not be left on the beach overnight.
NO Non-Member access to the bar from the baby beach. Must use Public Beach 300 Ft South.
MEMBERS, GUESTS and RENTERS are expected to maintain safe and respectful behavior.
Those behaving otherwise will be asked to leave the beach.
Failure to abide by the rules will result in the suspension of membership privileges.
Bus Schedule & Route
Saturday & Sunday July 2 through September 5 from 11:00 am - 4:45pm.  Bus will run July 4th.  No service August 21st.
Check in with Tart Connect for weekday transportation.  Download the app found on  No APP?  Call (530) 214-5811
Tahoe Ski Bowl first, Lodge last; first run 11am last run 4:45pm, leaves beach every half hour. There are no specific stops. Stand on the side of the street and wave at the driver.
The beach bus is provided by the CBMC free to its members and guests. Since parking is limited, we encourage you to take advantage of the bus.  Please follow the bus rules and the directions of the driver at all times for your safety.
Yoga on the Beach
Start your Saturday morning with gentle yoga and soaking in the California sunshine on Chamber's Landing Beach.  Breath in the fresh breeze while you are led through a healing and inspiring yoga practice.  Marybeth will guide you to connect with yourself while surrounded by gorgeous Lake Tahoe.  All levels are welcome.
Saturday Mornings 8:30 am to 9:30 am, June 25 - September 3rd. Free for CBMC & CLHOA members and $10 (cash only) for non-members.  Please bring your own yoga mat or towel.
Kayak Racks
Kayak Racks are currently located between the water treatment plant and the lake on forest service property.
They are on a first come first served basis.
Membership Cards
Cards are mandatory for admittance to the private beach. Members of renters arriving without membership card will be denied wristbands and directed to the public beach.  Lost cards should be reported to Hansen Maintenance Management at (530) 583-0229.  The missing card will be deactivated and a new card issued for a $50 fee.