Chamberlands is a Firewise Community
Wildfire is the greatest risk to our peace and happiness in Chamberlands and the magic of the Tahoe Basin. All of us have a part to play in reducing wildfire risk; protecting our own homes also protects our neighborhood.
Thanks to neighbors' efforts, Chamberlands has earned the Firewise designation. The Firewise USA® recognition program provides a collaborative framework to help neighbors in a geographic area take action to reduce wildfire risks at the local level. Several insurance companies offer discounts for properties in Firewise communities. Learn more about Firewise here.
What Can I Do?
Here are our neighborhood's current risk reduction priorities. Work your way down the list as quickly as your time and resources allow.
  1. Replace your wood shingle roof. Wood shingle roofs are the biggest threat to not only your house but also surrounding houses. If you do not yet have a fire-rated roof, this is the most impactful way to reduce risk on your property.
  2. Install ember-resistant vent covers. During a fire, embers passing through vents can ignite a home's attic or crawlspace. Make sure your vent covers have a metal mesh with 1/8" holes.
  3. Remove everything from under your deck, especially combustible items like firewood or gas-powered tools. Embers or direct fire under your deck can ignite your deck, then your house.
  4. Enclose your deck. Enclosing a raised deck with siding, metal, or screen mesh is a low-maintenance way to ensure embers or direct flames don't get under it. A low-cost but higher-effort alternative is to keep the ground underneath your deck pristine and covered with gravel, concrete or mineral dirt.
  5. Replace your wood deck. If you have already completed #3 and #4, you may choose to delay replacing your wood deck until the end of its useful life. When it comes time to replace your deck, use building materials on Cal Fire's listing of materials approved for the WUI.
  6. Enclose or coat exposed eaves. This helps prevent direct fire or embers from generating heat in the hollow of your eaves that could ignite your roof.
  7. Remove ladder fuels within 30' of your home. Ladder fuels help fire jump from the ground into the tree canopy, increasing the destructive potential of a wildfire. Take advantage of our annual neighborhood dumpster weekends and chipping to reduce ladder fuels.
  8. Remove other flammable items within 30' of your home. This includes wood fences, wood sheds, and firewood piles. Scatter chips broadly after chipping, instead of leaving them in a pile.
  9. Remove dead trees. Dead trees are not only a fire risk; they can also fall on your property or a neighbor's, or take down power lines. Get multiple bids from the vendors your neighbors have used, and make sure your vendor is licensed, bonded, and insured.
We also need a volunteer who is willing to lead creation of an evacuation plan for Chamberlands.
If you are willing to help, please email