Firewise Community
Fire is the greatest risk to our peace and happiness in Chamberlands and the magic of the Tahoe Basin.  Chamberlands is designated as a NFPA Firewise USA community and the primary benefit is that as a community we keep fire safety at the forefront of our thoughts and activities.  We have committed to an action plan to continue to increase our safety.  Additionally we are eligible for several benefits such as insurance availability and access to grant money from the fire district. However, we also need to take some action to reduce risk.
  • Log your activities to reduce fire hazard at Chamberlands Firewise.
    • It is critical we track: hours you spend at your property cleaning the vegetation, any money you spend on tree trimming, removal or landscaping, plus certain home repairs like a new roof.
  • We currently have 29 homes with wood shake roofs which are extremely flammable. Our aspiration is to reduce this number every year.
  • There are no open fires or charcoal BBQ's allowed during the summer.  Please ensure your renters are aware of the fire danger and take precautions.
  • Schedule time with North Tahoe Fire to do a FREE defensible space inspection of you property.  They will point our activities to improve your safety.  You can schedule those inspections here:  Defensible Space |Tahoe City| North Tahoe Fire Protection District (
  • Free curbside chipping is offered every month and can be scheduled here:  Defensible Space |Tahoe City| North Tahoe Fire Protection District (
If you would like to be involved in our committee or have ideas to improve fire safety at Chamberlands please contact Kevin Foster or Bruce Carswell, the Firewise Committee Co-Chairs.